Board of Directors

Executive Board

Photo of Nancy Lilly
Nancy Lilly Executive President NancyLilly, Founder/President JEM Engineering BS Chemistry and Engineering , MSA, MS Transformative Leadership and Social Change. Nancy is devoted to making positive changes in the world.
Photo of DeLicia Ballard
DeLicia Ballard Executive Secretary
Photo of Amina Akinduro Ali
Amina Akinduro Ali Executive Vice President of External Affairs
Photo of Harri Cox
Harri Cox Executive VP of Internal Affairs
Photo of Carol Nash MAR, BS, HCA, RN
Carol Nash MAR, BS, HCA, RN Founder/CEO Carol Nash is a native New Yorker. Carol’s professional background includes nearly 30 years in healthcare and education which includes international consulting.
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Board Members

Photo of Sabrina Jones
Sabrina Jones Special Education Admin having served youth with disabilities for over 20 yrs in residential & public schools in NY State, DC, & MD.
Photo of Melissa M. Mazard
Melissa M. Mazard Financial Services Representative, First Investors Corporation.Melissa has a passion for serving and working with youth
Photo of Celeste Cummings
Celeste Cummings Retired HR specialist, girls mentor
Photo of Amanda Ford
Amanda Ford Home Mortgage Consultant

Honorary Members

Photo of Dr Grace Saunders
Dr Grace Saunders Dr of Human Services, Public AdministrationA retired Federal Probation Officer, District of Columbia, 23 yrs. Presently, She works as an Adjunct Instructor in Public Administration/Criminal Justice.
Photo of Janice Wright
Janice Wright Volunteer Coordinator


Photo of Elissa Barnes
Elissa Barnes Fundraiser/Grant Coordinator
Photo of Tonya Hunt
Tonya Hunt Program Assistant