Mentoring Program

teenage girlsOur Home After School (HAS) Mentoring Program  is open to 8–14 year old girls who reside in and around Laurel, MD. The affordable program is open Monday through Friday from 2-6:30pm. Program aides are assigned to work with students to help them manage their behavior and become powerful learners. In addition, students participate in activities designed to increase their confidence, self-esteem, social and life skills. Parent involvement is fundamental to the success of our program. and we offer relevant seminars, workshops, group discussions and individual one-on one sessions designed to meet their needs as well. The environment at BH encourages social interaction, positive self-development and living in community skills. Field trips are scheduled as time permits. Girls are provided with nutritional snacks upon arrival at no extra costs. We have every expectation of continuing this as well as our summer program in 2018.


BH Girls Home After School (HAS) Mentoring Program is Here!