Virtual Assistance By Anita

Virtual Assistance By Anita

Let us help your business fly to new heights! 

Anita M. Hicks & her team are dedicated to helping you run and grow your business.  We want to help save you time, energy and money.  We specialize in social media marketing packages and can provide services in a variety of areas to assist your business.

Among a few of the Services offered are:

Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube
Creating Professional, Dynamic and Personalized Social Media Marketing Packages
Implementation & Maintenance of Social Media sites
Content Management of Social Media
Newsletter Campaigns
Customized Backgrounds
Custom WordPress Websites
WordPress Website Management

We believe that to build a relationship, business or personal, you must communicate.  We will work with you from the beginning of our relationship to establish the most convenient and efficient tools of communication.

Virtual Assistance By Anita